Halloween Party Themed Events
Halloween Party Themed Events
Halloween Party Themed Events
Halloween Party Themed Events

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Halloween Themed Events & Parties

Darkness has fallen and it's eerily quiet. Your guests drive slowly up the long winding road from the gate to the main house, alert, scanning the grounds. Something moves in the bushes. Fog-like smoke covers the ground. They hear tapping on the car door. From out of the dark a vampire appears, bearing fangs and dripping blood. In an instant everything is gone and they're alone again...

Combining up to the minute special effects with motion sensors and trained performers, we can make your Halloween event as scary or as fun as you require... And we haven't even shown you the house yet...

In constant contact to ensure we meet your needs, our event managers will dress your venue with everything from cobwebs to gravestones, spiders to coffins. Themed party food will delight the taste-buds, stunning lighting techniques will add to the atmosphere and haunting music will give you the chills. Fire performers will light up the dark, our angle grinder act will shower you in sparks and all the while our living statues will leave you with that feeling that you’re being watched...

If you're afraid of the dark you may want to look at our other themes... then again, who could resist the lure of toffee apples and candy-floss? Trick...or treat???

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